Colab. Cristina Feito


Mamba’s Yard

It 's a game!

And it couldn't be any other way. It's a game of pure forms, of shadows, of textures… The building is just another toy. The wall turns into tables, into chairs, into the perfect hideaway, into a slide. The ideal framework for playing and learning is designed.

The preschool is built with rammed earth load-bearing walls. This system is sustainable and allows the use of local materials. During construction, several holes are made in these walls. Those will serve as a furniture storage site or as a game board, depending on whether it is looked at by the eyes of an adult or a child.
The project seeks to create a healthy and pleasant environment, at the same time as fun. The roof is raised allowing ventilation and natural lighting and the classrooms open into the courtyard, creating a wide and versatile space. This is complemented by two large common spaces: the dining room and a multifunctional space.

With all that, Mamba´s yard is an educational and leisure space which wants to be the second home of the children who will attend this preschool.

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Barcelona (Spain)
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