Masther’s Thesis





‘Antes todo esto era campo’
Prof. UD Juan Herreros

It’s a project that tries to break with the stagnant idea of rural life, reject the vision picturesque and caricatured that ignores the real problems of these territories.

In this way, under a thought that accepts the reality of these places as they are, we can give an answer to a rural Spain that demands a review of past promises, for those who live in this new La Mancha landscape.

A phantom development of 54 homes over 200m long is intervened, generating spaces that reinterpret popular architecture with a contemporary language.

This urbanization is seen as part of the landscape, a thermodynamic capital, a source of energy waiting to be transformed.

A new architecture is proposed that reinterprets the forgotten values of the popular through the techno-ruralized language that we find in the current landscape of La Mancha.

A new more machinist architecture that has an immediate contact with reality, in order to be one more part of a series of transformations over time, where the limits of uses are blurred.

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Barcelona (Spain)
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